Capturing Moments


Marni Myers has spent over 20 years as a brand strategist, graphic designer, commercial and fine art photographer. She incorporates line, shape, and colorinto each image. Marni looks for a balance between positive and negative space, depth of field and creatively cropping an image.

Marni was born in Skokie, Illinois in the 1970’s and lived in the Chicago area until moving to Denver in 1997. She received a B.S. degree in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in the 1990’s. Marni loves to travel and her photography is strongly influenced by visits to Europe and the states. She now lives in Denver, Colorado where she takes abstract, nature, historic, and travel images of the area.

Marni prefers to capture a moment, an image frozen in time. Each image taken can be individually interpreted through one’s own eyes. Her images are cropped in such a way that familiar views take on a unique look and feel. She works with single lens reflex digital format camera. Night images are 5-10 minute exposures where she can see a story develop. Her work is both color and black and white, and all of her images have a long life due to using archival print processes and framing.

She enjoys printing and gallery wrapping an image on archival canvas. All images are available in various sizes. Marni’s work has been exhibited in gallery shows and juried exhibitions in Denver and Colorado Springs. She is currently looking for more venues in the Denver-metro area, particularly in galleries and corporate spaces, to show and sell her work.


Artist’s Statement
After viewing work by famous photographers Henry Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, Paul Strand and Ansel Adams, I fell in love with photography. I enjoy marrying my design and photography skills by incorporating composition, color, typography and a slightly different view on the daily scenario. Many of my black and white travel and night images seem timeless while my color historic and abstract images have a combination of vintage meets modern.


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